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Yoni Pearls–Are they really dangerous?!

Herbal medicine has begun to increase in popularity with each new generation.  People are running from pharmaceuticals and doctors of Western medicine in search of more natural modalities of healing for themselves and their families.  People look for and share various remedies that they’ve concocted or found with each other for everything from the relief of symptoms from the common cold to digestive issues.

Reproductive health is no different.  Scores of women seek natural means to relieve themselves of issues related to their reproductive organs.  In some groups on Facebook, I’ve seen women encourage each other and share methods of healing everything from bacterial vaginosis to uterine fibroids.

Herbs can be used to help heal and relieve a myriad of issues, hence the rise of a relatively new product on the scene–herbal tampons (also known as yoni pearls, womb detox pearls, etc.).  There is tons of information regarding these yoni pearls to be found nearly everywhere.  With the onslaught of so many womb whisperers, womb warriors, gonad gurus, and yoni health experts (whether self-proclaimed or highly touted by others) taking to personal blogs, YouTube channels, Periscope, Facebook groups and the like, how do you know what information is credible?  This is especially hard when some of these teachers seem to give conflicting or contradicting information. Continue reading “Yoni Pearls–Are they really dangerous?!”


Nobody HAS to do anything…

Just like in the featured image, many people believe that the things they love to do are not always the things they have to do.  There is a famous quote that says, “Do what you have to do until you are able to do what you love to do.”  I offer to you the perspective that nobody has to do anything, especially things they don’t want to do.  But what about my job? you may say.  I must work to provide for my family.  Yes, I know that providing for our families and ourselves is important, however, while it is something that is required to survive (i.e. being able to pay for basic necessities–food, shelter, clothing, etc.), working in a field you hate or simply do not love is not something you have to do.  No one is forcing you.

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The Beginning of Healing

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Many of us carry emotional and spiritual baggage.  For women, it’s a bit more than genetic memory, generational “curses”, relationship problems, etc.  We hold a lot of hurt in our wombs and have not learned to heal and release those things in order to start living our best life possible.  We carry these weights, oftentimes not knowing how heavy this burden is, and create blockages in all areas of our lives–business, love, family, finances, etc.  It’s time to release, let go, and finally HEAL. Continue reading “The Beginning of Healing”

Random Moment: The True Intent of the Jesus Story??

I just decided that sporadically, I’m going to share random thoughts as they happen. I’m just getting used to speaking on camera, and I know in order to get more comfortable, I’m going to have to do it more often.

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True Love

Here is a beautiful and “on time” blog about self-love. This post reiterates a lot of the things I teach women. Bottom line–You can’t give what you don’t have, so take care of self first. Have you ever paid attention to the emergency instructions on a plane? The flight attendant tells you to secure your own mask first, then aid those around us (i.e. children, elderly, disabled, etc.). It may sound cruel, but in actuality, it makes perfect sense. How can you help someone else breathe when you are running out of air? It’s not selfish to make sure that you’re okay before taking care of others. This will help you give your very best to the things and people who count on you. Be well, be whole, be loved!

Peace & Light!

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Perpetually Combative Black Woman

Many of us spend a few hours a week on social media.  Just like people watching in person, watching others interact online can be pretty interesting as well.  Social media allows us to watch without the “watchee” noticing they’re being watched by the “watcher”. (Say that 3 times fast! LOL)  Observing interactions between my African Kings and Queens (and would be Kings and Queens) shows the mental damage that has been done to cause division between us.  We can’t have a simple conversation without the Black woman feeling she is being attacked.  She no longer knows how to be soft, but instead has donned fatigues and steel toed boots to become the Perpetually Combative Black Woman.

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Own Your Power!

A few days ago, I read a story about an Austin woman (pictured above) who is petitioning to make catcalling illegal. Austin is a city that caters to runners and bikers, which this woman is the former. She complains that during her run, she is often catcalled by men. She is basically saying she feels powerless against these actions and wants the city to step in and do something about the behavior that she refers to as “street harassment.”

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Question of the Day: What Can Yeshua (Jesus) Do For You That Your Ancestors Can’t?

First of all, many of my beloved friends and family members are Christians–strong Christians–so this is not in ANY way a post meant to offend.  This is strictly a thought-provoking question followed by some of my own spiritual thoughts… Continue reading “Question of the Day: What Can Yeshua (Jesus) Do For You That Your Ancestors Can’t?”

Once In A Blue Moon

Last night, July 31, 2015, some of my “cultural family” members (along with my natural family) and I gathered at a local Houston park to celebrate what is called the blue moon.  You ever wonder why the phrase, “once in a blue moon” is so significant in our culture?

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